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• 5/29/2018

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• 2/7/2013

Cloveismywife is ofically leaving!
Guys, I know that this is sad, but CIMW is oficiallly leaving.
I bet many people will keep updating here, but I will try.
Anyways, we will be adding another admin soon, I guess.
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• 2/5/2013

Remember the submitted tribute comments!

Hey guys!
There is something I have been noticing around this wiki. Some users who write apparances and personality just describe lunaii, and how they acted in the games. It's good if there was no apparance descreption and if the tribute didn't have a very decribed personality, however, it would be really nice if we -before we add apparances and personality- looked through the comments of whatever game the tribute was entered in and see if the template to the tribute had a better/more detailed descrition. For example, some mentors provide decrebtions on their body mass and such, which can't really be seen from a lunaii. And, for personalities, there's often quite a good decreption provided with the tribute. So please, make sure to check the comments first before resorting to just decribing how the lunaii looks, or just explaining how they acted in the games, that way we get more details on the tributes.
I don't know how much of this there is but I noticed that it was so with Blair Abbergaine and Belle Silver. It is not the most important to keep since we can also add it later, when this wiki is more done.
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• 2/4/2013

Not gonna be on for a bit!

Hey guys!
I just wanted to announce that I am gonna be a bit away. My pc need to be repaired, so I will send if away at thursday, and my mother thought it would be a good chance for me to live a bit unplugged, so I am simply just not gonna be on for a bit, probably around a week or so. Save some edits/quote-hunting for me when I get back!
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• 1/30/2013

Thanks everyone!

I've been extremely busy the past few weeks, as many of you have noticed. I haven't been editing as much, and I haven't really been on the wiki all that much either. My last midterms are tomorrow, so I should be back on schedule now. Thank you all for keeping the wiki afloat during my short hiatus, especially Vinny, Anna, Hyta, Savanna, Ninja, John, Lightstone, and Emily!
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• 1/23/2013


So, I just got my English grades (over mail, that why I am up this late XD) and I was honestly very surprised. I had not expected it to go as well as it did (not gonna say the grades unless asked as I feel like I am bragging if I do so ;-;) I think you guys help with that, A LOT. All of the awesome games I read, and all of the nice people who has patience enough to correct my grammar mistake. I always look at the correction so I can remember the mistake :3 So thank you so much everyone, you guys may be the reason why I can get to be exchange student next year!
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• 1/14/2013


I have noticed something happening to most finished games on THG wiki.
They get their comments deleted, which is bad for us, cause we risk having CIMW's games' comments deleted. We are relying on those comments to help us fill in in the section for personality and looks! 
That is why I recorment that we all when we take some time out to copy/paste the comments, it will only take a little while, except TVG and 225th. Save the comments in a word document, start posting the most resent. Don't take ANYTHING out from the comments, we can use every bit of it. When you are done, comment below this forum on which games you have so that 10 other users dont do the same game. 
IF the comments then get deleted, upload all of hte comments from a certain game in a blog or page, it will help out a bunch!
Thank you!
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• 1/6/2013

Just an important reminder!

Remember that under the games section, it's
And not Allies, Kills, and Other. Please remember this!
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• 1/6/2013


For the tributes pages I'm making (Like Zane's) Can someone add pictures? I'm on my iPad so I can't... :/
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• 1/6/2013

374th Hunger Games

Just remembering that you can add a page for your own tribute, but not for the others. we need to wait CIMW's order to do so.
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