• IdkWill

    If you haven't noticed, I am Ninja~Toast. I didn't want this wikia to die, so I'm going to recreate this!

    I realize that I may or may not even update this, but I don't care. I want a reason for this wikia to be even the slightest bit active, because it holds so much memories. I want to make a valid endeavor for a goal.

    Without further-ado, let the games begin!

    Again, the 'Random Page' tab decided the tributes for this year.

    Esther Silver has won a special prize for winning last years games! She will be selected specially by the creator to compete in another series of blood and gore! How fun!

    This is the only interference in the tribute table I will be making.

    Name Age Gender District Weapon TS
    Ricardo Fredrick 18 Male C

    Bow & Arrows, Blowgun


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  • Nommehzombies

    I remember when Clove's games were around, games and stuff were HUGE and fun and amazing. Now they just aren't... and I don't know if it is because I have been on this wiki for going on three years or what... 

    I think I just miss all my old friends and times when we were all just being crazy and flipping out about games and stuff..

    Sigh, but thats all over with now. 

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  • FrostSnake

    32nd Hunger Games

    December 1, 2013 by FrostSnake

    So, I was writing a hunger games for my friends, and I decided to post it here, just so you guys can see it, and maybe sponsor. I don't really expect anyone to read it, but oh well.

    The main tributes are from Districts 1 - 4, and the 7 female.

    My friends are Jackie from District 2, Olivia from District 4, and the siblings from district 3. The rest are just their allies, so that's why their mentioned.

    The sun shines, reflecting off shining buildings. Today is only the most important day of the year: Reaping day. Today 2 lucky tributes will be chosen to fight to the death. But, most likely the tributes will be determined by whoever screams the words 'I volunteer' first. Most families walk if they walk, but the richer families drive a car. As a …

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  • Cloveismywife

    Hey everyone! I miss all you guys!! How are you doing?

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  • Annamisasa

    Missing the days

    August 29, 2013 by Annamisasa

    Hey guys,

    Not gonna make a big blog, as I doubt anyone will see this.

    But I just really miss these days. The games, the planning, the mentors. The nights where I couldn't sleep cause I was so anxious to see if my tribute lived.

    It's sorta sad now, so many of us has left. The fangirling over how awesome these games were on THG chat has become rare mostly because... well we're barely any left who was there ._.

    I really miss you all, John(ny), Vinny, John, Savanna, Hyta, Will, Toby, Andy. I miss all these memories, but it's good that we have them at least. 

    I hope one day I can see a blog from at least one of you guys called "One last Games" like Jay Jay did. Or even better a: "I back everyone!"

    Once again I miss you all. I hope I can talk some of …

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  • LightStone123

    So, I had a dream where CIMW came back and finished the 374th Games and this is how it went in the dream....Yeah. I wonder if anyone will see this.

    Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
    28 Clara Oswald (C) 1 Octavian Silvercrest (8) Arrow to neck
    27 Manner Kruger (13) 1 Elliot Conakry (1) Axe in chest
    26 Zane Prudence (6) 1 Tenacious Redpath (4) Trident to chest
    25 Scarr Blade (2) 1 Evangeline Rhode (1) Knife in chest
    24 Samantha Denise (10) 1 Ava Merle (13) Knife in neck
    23 Mystique Darkbloom (3) 1 Natalie Hartford (5) Sickle to chest
    22 Jacob Heinal (C) 1 Plasma Serkan (10) Speared in chest
    21 Shen Seraph (12) 2 Plasma Serkan (10) Speared in skull
    20 Tenacious Redpath (4) 2 Grania Goldheart (11) Arrow to neck
    19 Pylon Spike (3) 2 Piranha M…

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  • ViniciusDeAssis1999

    Ever since CIMW left, the active users of this wiki are asking to themselves: "What is the future of this wiki?" "Is it going to end?" "How will we receive new database?"

    Well, we can remain with this wiki with a new type of government. An entertainment one. We will have many things to entertain us while we keep editing.

    Well, we do this for a long time ago, since the start of this wiki to be exact. Actually, just few tributes have finished pages and we need more... So, the base of this project is a contest. All the users that want to enter, can totally enter. It will be simple.

    For one entire week, all the users competing will have to finish 3 pages of their choice. The tribute that they choose can't be almost finished, at least, just person…

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  • Hyta100

    210th Hunger Games

    February 3, 2013 by Hyta100

    Hey guys, just letting you know that I have made a games, the 210th Hunger Games, over on THG Wiki. Please join them!


    Here is the link:

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  • Dedejacob

    Lunaii Remakes

    January 26, 2013 by Dedejacob

    Ok so I think that because I am bored most fo the time that that I would take the origianal lunaiis of some of the tributes and remake them! You can do this too just post them in te comments WOOOOO!!! I may also do like Hex 10 years later and stuff like that Lol.

    Remake of Alyss Shepherd

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  • LightStone123

    About Me

    January 23, 2013 by LightStone123


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  • Ninja~Toast

    Welcome majestic silver unicorns from everywhere and welcome to my blog. I'm not too sure what I am doing when I'm making this, though this blog probably won't be very successful. If you don't want to watch me fail, then you can click off of this blog and go somewhere else. However if you think watching a daft moron like me embarrassing himself with life is entertaining, you can continue reading. :D

    Oh and for those who want to continue my past blog.... oh look it's a monkey. :3

    Anyway, welcome to The 1337th Annual Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor. How will this go? Well, this is on the wiki of CIMW, so obviously this has to be on topic. Having said that, I will reap past tributes from CIMW's series. How will I choose the t…

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  • ViniciusDeAssis1999

    Ok, I got this off Ninja's Games, so sorry for copying >:D.

    In the Capitol, the residents bet on tributes and recieve money when the tribute places well. To bet a series of tributes, just post in the comments: "I bet "tribute name" will place "rank from 1-5", "tribute name" will place "rank from 1-5", e.t.c."

    But here, we will not bet money. Just for fun, but the winner is the one with more points.

    You can bet any tribute, the tribute doesn't have to be yours. You don't even have to have a tribute in these games, you can still bet.

    If the tribute ranks in the top 5, you get 100 points. If you guess the tribute's accurate placing, you get 200 points.

    User 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place Points Earned
    VDA1999 Scarle…

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  • ~PopTart~

    I'm copying Savanna.  Sorry Michael Jackson, I hope you can forgive me. :3

    I'm going to randomize all the answers so no one will know which one is which, so follow this template and I'll tell you who you're most like.  Some answers go for two tributes, or three.

    How do you spend your free time?

    A. Helping my mother with chores around the house.

    B. Debating with myself whether I should run from home, or stay put.

    C. Chatting with close friends.

    D. Tackling people.

    E. Training for the Games.

    F. Staring at the sky, hoping for the best outcome of a tough situation I'm in and look in awe at the beautiful stars up there.

    G. Helping people in need.

    H. Hunting for wild meat.

    I. Taking a second to enjoy nature.

    You were reaped and you're waiting for your famil…

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  • Ninja~Toast

    This is going to completely fail. Perfect.

    Well these have been some sort of trend going around the wiki for a few days, and I thought; why not?

    Sorry Vinny, for copying. >:D

    Anyway, I added a little twist to it. Instead of finding out what tribute you're alike most, you're trying to survive. I'll put a series of questions for you, and you'll survive or die depending on how you answer. Some questions have more than one correct answer. There may be more than one way to win the games, it just all depends.

    Finish all the questions first, once you scroll down to the end of the page you'll figure out when you first died. Woo-hoo. So yeah go.

    Read "The Bloodbath" and click on the links under the options once reading through them thoroughly. I suggest…

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  • FrostSnake

    Hi everyone! I decided to find out, which one of MY tributes would you be?

    Don't read the bottom please!

    What were you like before you got reaped?

    A. Rebellious and a trouble maker

    B. Shy and Quiet

    C. The district's savior

    D. Popular and rich

    E. Positive and Happy

    F. Just normal

    What was your reaction to being reaped?

    A. Oh gosh. I must win.

    B. Mom I love you! I most likely won't see you again.

    C. Crap. This is SO not good.

    D. I volunteered! Go me! I am TOTALLY going to be a victor.

    E. Oh well. At least I lived my life to the fullest.

    F. Bye everyone. I'll miss you guys!

    What is your strategy for the bloodbath?

    A. Grab stuff then run as fast as I can with my allies.

    B. Find the person I'm closest to, grab something then flee.

    C. Grab a backpack and a weapon,…

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  • ViniciusDeAssis1999

    It is an interative Game where you could discover who you would be during the Vengeance Games. Remember the options that you chose on your mind and then, discover who you were on the Vengeance Games.

    And I trust on you, don't slide down to the bottom part to see what letter every tribute is.

    The President announces that two all-stars and two new tributes will win, what would you do:

    A - Stay silent and realize that this new twist sucks.

    B - Celebrate that your odds of winning are bigger with that.

    C - Celebrate with your allies.

    D - Pay attention at the other tributes and discover who would win with you.

    Your platform rose and now, you need to decide where you will go:

    A - Stay at the Cornucopia and kill some tributes.

    B - Find your best ally and r…

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  • Cloveismywife

    Hey everyone. My next games will be the 374th. Everyone will get a PoV, advice is allowed, but it is first come, first serve.

    However, I am giving anyone who reads this a chance to reserve a tribute before everyone else on THG Wiki.

    So just comment on this blog with what tribute you want. You only get one tribute, and it's the usual C-13, one male and one female. 


    1 Male - Jsm

    1 Female - Andy

    2 Female - Ducky35

    3 Female - Kaaitlyn

    4 Female - Lily!

    5 Female - TheDeadlyOne

    6 Male - Ranger1434

    6 Female - Emily

    7 Female - Hyta100

    8 Male - LightStone

    9 Female - Anna

    10 Male - Ninja

    10 Female - Hermione

    11 Female - VDA

    12 Female - FrostSnake

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  • ViniciusDeAssis1999

    I just made this page to check how the tributes are and what is missing. 

    District Name Personality Looks TS Games Trivia
    Capitol Sora Highkick

    Capitol Candice Vellum

    1 Tazer Williams

    1 Taylor Slicer

    2 Titan Mage

    2 Victoria Jones

    3 Paige Matthews

    3 Scotio Wire

    4 Strike Flow

    4 Izzy Wilds

    5 Felix Shelsher

    5 Megan Land

    6 Toby Williamson

    6 Wind Settle

    7 Axel Evergreen

    7 Camellia Winchester

    8 Ryan Hale

    8 Aramid Cruisebeam

    9 Brick Hein

    9 Varina Tapora

    10 Caellach Levenhire

    10 Scarlet Pimpernel

    11 Daniel Tunde

    11 Syrina Lacterus

    12 Harrison Southstone

    12 Paula Twoson

    13 Finn Allstroke

    13 Tara May

    1. Paige Matthews
    2. Scotio Wire

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  • ~PopTart~

    All the Tributes

    December 9, 2012 by ~PopTart~
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  • ~PopTart~

    Page Status

    December 9, 2012 by ~PopTart~

    Okay!  This will be similar to my "Completed Pages" blog, but here, I want to discuss the progress of different pages.  We now have all the infoboxes in!  But I think it would be nice if we could all choose a section of twenty-eight tributes to work on.  Anyway, I think I'm going to choose the 199th, because my first CIMW victor was there, but here are the selections.  You don't have to do this, you can select multiple ones, but preferably one at a time, and more than one person can work on a group.

    Selected by:

    As far as I know, there are four completed pages, but I'm not completely sure.  If anyone selects this group, they may have to do a bit of work, because most edits on here have been done to the newer Games.

    Selected by: ~PopTart~

    I'll …

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  • Cloveismywife


    December 5, 2012 by Cloveismywife

    Hey everyone! Now that The Vengeance Games are over and we are getting back into editing mode, I just wanted to post some friendly reminders.

    Make sure to use PAST TENSE. The only exceptions are Looks, Personality, and Aftermath for Victors. That's it! Even for the 373rd, say Paige Matthews WAS the District 3 female from Cloveismywife's....

    I know they didn't happen yet, but when they are over, it will be a pain to go back and change all the is's to was's.

    Next, the Maysilee Cresent page is finished. So when you are editing the pages for all-stars and adding the Vengeance Games info, FOLLOW HER PAGE TO A T. Use the subsections for both games, add both templates, etc. I will be completing Fabio's page in a moment to be a model for the dead all…

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  • ~PopTart~

    Line of Battle

    November 30, 2012 by ~PopTart~

    Hey guys!  This is basically going to be a Games where the tributes are seperated into two teams and have to fight, similar to capture the flag.  Each team will be mentored by one person, and they get to choose who they want.  Each team will have ten tributes, and I think there will be four teams, eight if it goes well.  You'll see how it goes after a while if you don't get it yet.

    Team Mentor

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  • TheDeadlyOne

    Hello people of Earth. This blog is dedicated to all of the threats in CIMW's Games.

    Start saying who is the biggest threat now!

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  • Fluffeh Kitteh


    November 29, 2012 by Fluffeh Kitteh

    I want to make this blog for a badge. :D

    I like badges, that's why I'm making this. :D

    What is wrong with me, and my homework. :D

    I live a terrible life. :D

    Bai. :D

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  • Annamisasa

    A little story

    November 27, 2012 by Annamisasa

    Hey guys! For the longest time I have wanted to explain just how I ended up here on this wiki. It's quite a long story, but I hope you will enjoy some of my reflextions on it and such. So yeah, let's get is it started!

    When I first joined The Hunger Games Wiki I were really shy and didn't know anything. I infact were so shy that I didn't even dare to make my own tributes fearing that I would fail too much with it. So I resorted to only joining games with the characters from The Hunger Games, like "The Resourection Games" and various mentor games.

    And of course I at one point stumple over Cloveismywife's mentor games (the thrid one to be exact), which were like, extremely popular. I were so excited, I found a game that I could join, I was lik…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Hey guys! I just had this idea from writing selection games that what if I did one of all the tributes that were in Cloveismywife's games! So this is kinda like the Vengeance except its no new tributes and all allstars.

    I decided on these, so please, don't hate on me if you aren't chosen or think a selection is utterly crap or misguided. If you hate on me, good chance you'll die. :)

    We are also gonna decide the order using, so don't complain please D:

    If a District has a victor(s), at least one of those victors will be going in, if not reaped already. Meaning that all of the victors will probably be in again. If there is any left over victors, they will be put in a District which has none.

    District Male Female Male Female Victor
    One …

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  • EpicnezzEmily

    I wake up and I'm on the floor of he hospital. There's a Capitol person standing above me. "What-where-why-HOW AM I ALIVE? WHO WON THE GAMES? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN DEAD FOR?" Wow. So many questions. "You're alive because we're having a new Games called "The Vengeance Games" where we revive all the dead tributes and the Capitol votes on who they want to see compete again. If you're not chosen, you'll die again. Sian, Jonah, Hex, and Lira won. You've been dead for about a year." I'm not even sure if I have a chance at revival. I honestly have no idea if I was a popular tribute or not. That is seriously scaring me. Trever. Was he popular? Will we get to see each other again? The thought of that brightens me up. The Capitol person escorts me on…

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  • FrostSnake

    I jerk awake, looking around, expecting to see Pip with a dagger, and I scream. There is a lady in a white coat smiling over me. I just stare and somehow manage to stutter "W-Where am I? W-Where's Ana?". The lady sits down and puts her hand on my leg as sit up. "You died in the 201st hunger games. This is the year after the 225th hunger games. You've been revived." She explains. I look around and turn back to face her. "But...Why?" I ask her. "It's called the Vengance games. All the dead tributes are revived, and the Capitol votes on their favorites. The tributes who weren't chosen get killed." The lady tells me. My heart sinks. I know I don't have a chance because of the ever so popular levanhires. At least Ana has a chance if she didn't…

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  • ~PopTart~

    "Come on Theodore!" Emalee says, skipping to the train. I'm literally ready to pound Forsythia into a wall. I can't stand it. My sister is dead. Dead. And I'll never see her again. I can't take it anymore.

    "Hurry up!" a loud masculine voice yells.

    "He's always cranky," Emalee says, waiting for me to go onto the train. I don't know how I'm going to do this. The train hoots once more.

    "COMING!" I yell. The train has an odd atmosphere. Emalee's forcing us to watch the reapings, while Whitney sits down at the kitchen. I guess she thought that after she won the Games, she'd never see another live death again. She couldn't've been more wrong. The screen flips on and we see the District 1 reaping. The tributes all run in, and a boy with black hair k…

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  • FrostSnake

    When I created Maysilee, I had no idea how much I would want her to win. I of course planned on doing well, but in the beginning winning wasn't my plan. I had though I needed to do better, because after my fail with Alex and Elana, I knew I would have to do better, since I had won win Summer Ashton, and it was rather embarrassing to fail so badly when I had previously done so well. I was a little sad at first because Maysilee had been the only one to get in, and the other tribute I made, Fall, hadn't. As time passed, I grew to love the fact that I could concentrate solely on one tribute like I had with Summer. As Maysilee became Fabilee I wanted both of them to win. As if they were real people. Maysilee was the tough, sweet, funny, lovable…

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  • ~PopTart~

    Backstories for My Tributes

    November 10, 2012 by ~PopTart~

    As you may know, my tributes didn't have very detailed backstories before the 225th Games. Here I'm going to re-write them.

    Maizi lives on a plantation with her aunt and uncle. They treat her poorly, almost as if she were a slave. She's been beaten quite a few times, and can't stand living there. A girl that was her good friend, and also a slave was reaped for the Hunger Games and became a victor. Her friend didn't have to live with them anymore. Maizi wants to become a victor. She plans on volunteering when she's eighteen, but gets reaped at sixteen.

    Whitney lives with her parents. Her father is the mayor, so her life is pretty easy, health-wise. But other than that, no. She's not very popular with the other kids, so she gets hurt…

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  • ~PopTart~

    Completed Pages

    November 4, 2012 by ~PopTart~

    Sasha Selenta

    Maizi Rhode

    Piper Bridges

    Malar Syman

    Whitney Finch

    Natasha Grey

    Gabriel DiPablo

    Thalia Combe Ivory Hacker

    Bentley Emerson

    Alva Leege

    Summer Ashton

    Theodore Welch

    Destiny Carven

    Katy Belle

    McKenna Konity

    Allison Wood

    Marcie Firecrest

    Mistalia Caliden

    Eileen Shade

    Cleo Welch

    Kole Lovett

    Lauren Meyers

    Lavender Tonic

    Ana Shadowsinger

    Teff Levigne

    Detria Glace

    Daragon Luzuli

    Delta Sparrow

    Hex Servirior

    Jonah Thompson

    Sian Malley

    Lira Roberts

    Katrin Calix

    Camellia Cyrellia

    Watt Powers

    Jamie Carpenter

    Antonia Clay Hoe Ritchie

    We have some completed tribute pages, though I'm not sure whether quotes for them are in or not. The status of the incomplete pages could range anywhere from one sentence to everything but one category. Usually, tributes that die early on are eas…

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  • ~PopTart~

    The First Tribute Awards!

    October 31, 2012 by ~PopTart~

    This is going to be an awards show thing.  We're going to vote on our favorite tribute(s) for a category, and it's kind of self-explanatory as you read along.  Let the first tribute awards begin!

    "The winner for the hottest female is..." I know I'll get it. I mean, I'm pretty sexy. You can't deny it.

    "Madeleine Levenhire!" that old bat yells out.

    "You're ugly as fuck!" I yell. No one hears me. But it seems as if the boys disagree, all having their eyes directed toward her face, or for the shallow ones, her boobs.

    "Thank you everyone who voted for me!" Maddie yells. She plays with her hair a bit and walks down from the stage. I can't stand it. That award is mine. I let out an ear-wrenching scream as I hurdle towards Maddie with all my stre…

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  • Cloveismywife

    Tribute Template Page

    October 27, 2012 by Cloveismywife

    Actually, just look at Piper Bridges and Katy Belle. Make sure you use the same tenses and exact formats and stuff as I did on this one. I edited the infobox, so instead of searching for another template, just use the default infobox.

    But anyway, here is the template:

    NOTE: Use the infobox BEFORE the first sentence.

    On the start of the page, you will put the first sentence. It is basically:

    Non-Quell: [Tribute Name] was the [District] [gender] from Cloveismywife's [Game]. She was the district partner of [District partner]. Overall, he/she placed [placement] out of [number of tributes].

    Example: Piper Bridges was the District 13 female from Cloveismywife's 198th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Manny Quever. Overall, she placed 5th …

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