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District 13 is the last of the districts of Panem that was thought to be destroyed by the Capitol during the first rebellion. The Capitol have agreed to leave the people of 13 alone, therefore they do not participate in The Hunger Games. But after the second rebellion, District 13 started to participate on the Hunger Games.





  • Unknown victors - 198th Hunger Games to 225th Hunger Games
  • Lira Roberts - The Vengeance Games
  • Unknown victors - 373rd Hunger Games to ????


198th Hunger GamesEdit

District 13 had one of their best performances ever during the 198th Hunger Games, and both of the tributes contributed to it. The male tribute, Manny Quever, placed 6th out of 28, and the female tribute, Piper Bridges, placed 5th. Piper had two kills during the Games, and Manny had just one. Both of the District 13 tributes were killed by Maizi Rhode. It was one of District 13's best performances, and it was very good for their standards.

199th Hunger GamesEdit

District 13 performed averagely in these games, mainly due to Hutch Albane, who managed to place 8th, being the second consecutive district 13 male to place in the Top 8, and therefore did very well. Alva Leege, who was considered stronger than Hutcher, did not do well and died second in the bloodbath. This in overall was an average performance for District 13.

200th Hunger GamesEdit

201st Hunger GamesEdit

225th Hunger GamesEdit

The Vengeance GamesEdit

373rd Hunger GamesEdit

Tribute GalleryEdit


  • There are five blonde boys as District 13 tributes, it is more than some districts know by blonde people, like District 1.