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Sasha Selenta
General Information
Age 17
Home District 6
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives
Fate Alive
Appearances 198th Hunger Games onward

"She was the weakest, frailest, smallest girl I knew."James Chrysler on Sasha Selenta during the reaping of the 198th Hunger Games

Sasha Selenta was the District 6 female from Cloveismywife's 198th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of James Chrysler. Overall, she placed 1st out of 28, becoming a victor.


Sasha is very sweet and people tend to feel bad for her and want her to live. She usually comes off as being quite weak. She used Johanna's strategy, as appearing weak, then killing when only a handful of tributes left. That's when she turns into a rutheless killing machine. 


"The girl from 6 was too weak-looking" ―Jake McFur on Sasha

She has light green hair and her eyes are multi-coloured one being green, the other being blue. She has a lot of freckles and she is quite small. She stands 5'6.

Traning ScoresEdit

198th Hunger Games: 2


During training, Sasha allied with Belle Silver, Recilius Iffable, and Blair Abbergaine. She pretended she was weak, and most of the tributes dismissed her as an easy target. Sasha and her entire alliance escaped the bloodbath and camped out in the forest. Then, on Day 2, Sasha killed Kacey Anderson, proving to her alliance and the rest of the arena that she was a huge threat. Belle killed Ryan Ramos shortly after, and the alliance retreated. On the third day, Recilius was killed by a tiger mutt, which Blair killed soon after. Lilac Coalburner killed Belle right after Belle killed Surf Waves. Blair killed Lilac, and the duo fled the Cornucopia. On Day 6, Sasha and Blair attended the feast, where Blair was killed by Sasha's district partner, James Chrysler. James' ally, Jake McFur, was killed by Sasha, and the District 6 duo fled to the rocky field. Sasha killed James the next day, and was alone in the field. On the last day, only Sasha, Maizi Rhode, and Rose Bolt remained. Sasha killed both of them and became the lone victor.


Kacey Anderson, Jake McFur, James Chrysler, Maizi Rhode, Rose Bolt


Belle Silver, Recilius Iffable, Blair Abbergaine


Best friend: Blair Abbergaine


Sasha went on to mentor the District 6 tributes after her victory. However, not one District 6 tribute has won since Sasha won. District 6 turned on her and believed she was the cause of their losses. They think Sasha cursed District 6 by using Johanna's strategy, and appearing weak.


  • Sasha is the first victor in Cloveismywife's games.
  • Sasha used the same tactic as Johanna Mason.
  • Sasha had the most kills during her Games.
  • Sasha had the lowest training score of any victor in Cloveismywife's games.

The 198th Hunger Games
Victor Sasha Selenta
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