Tetra Gull
General Information
Age 17
Home District 4
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Net, Trident
Fate Deceased
Appearances 201st Hunger Games

Tetra Gull was the District 4 female from Cloveismywife's 201st Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Thomas Quince. Overall, she placed 12th out of 28.


Tetra gives the world the benefit of the doubt. She is extremely thoughtful and wants to make sure she doesn't make any mistakes. She generally cares about all life even though she has gone through brutal career training.


Tetra has a dirty blonde hair tied in one ponytail and she has some light blonde highlights. Her eyes are blue.

Training ScoresEdit

The 201st Hunger Games: 10



Silas Lannister , Starburst Infinity , Sarina Lordi , Sammy Rewtro , Thomas Quince , Teff Levigne


Drake Duncan , Delta Sparrow


Killed By: Aelita Lyoko


All other tributes were relieved at Tetra's death as she was a powerful tribute. The careers weren't exactly happy, but compared to the fact that they just oblitterated an entire alliance, only losing Tetra, they were quite happy. Also, they still many careers left, and some of them may have gotten worried about if there was too many careers in the end of the games.


  • Tetra's two kills both had the letter D in their name.

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