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Luke torres
Maysilee cresent
Ana shadowsong

These games have a unique twist, so keep reading!


Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen's great-great grandson has become the President of Panem. He restarted the Hunger Games, including District 13 and the Capitol.


President Mellark stands at his podium as the t.v. screens all over Panem flash on, projecting his image to the people. "Attention, citizens! The Capitol citizens have been getting antsy for another exciting Hunger Games, so a separate Games will be held this year that do not count as the typical Games. Instead of numbering it, it will simply be known as "The Vengeance Games". As usual, one male and one female will be reaped from Districts 1-13 and the Capitol. In addition to that, one male and one female from each district from select previous Games will be revived and voted on by the public to participate in the Games. Obviously, the public will not have complete power over who is selected, but they will have enough. The tributes will be chosen from the 198th, 199th, 200th, 201st, and 225th Hunger Games. Because we are so generous, we want the revived tributes to be able to seek vengeance on their foes. That is all.


District New/All-Star Gender Name Age Height Weapon Creator
Capitol All-Star Male Fabio Batone 17 5'7 Axe, Sword Jsm13athome
Capitol New Male Luke Torres 16 6'0 Sword, Spear Fluffeh Kitteh
Capitol All-Star Female Maysilee Cresent 17 5'6 Machete, Bow and Arrow FrostSnake
Capitol New Female Emmeline Shayd 16 5'5 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Hyta100
1 All-Star Male Copper Overdeen 18 6'0 Sword Attackcobra
1 New Male Maroon Cutter 15 5'9 Knife, Throwing Knives Nommyzombies
1 All-Star Female Amber Agate 17 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Spear Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
1 New Female Jackie Devilin 16 6'0 Blowgun, Throwing Knives Theman77
2 All-Star Male Louis Welder 15 5'8 Bow and Arrow, Machete Jsm13athome
2 New Male Dimitry Yukov 17 5'8 Axe, Spear AxedFox
2 All-Star Female Sami Freemont 16 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Knife HappyHannah1234
2 New Female Shermaine Wilson 17 5'8 Sword Annamisasa
3 All-Star Male Raden Harvestmoon 17 5'10 Knife Write46747
3 New Male Tres Magnetic 18


Rope, Wire VDA999
3 All-Star Female Ana Shadowsinger 15 5'5 Bow and Arrow Annamisasa
3 New Female Brooklyn Spirit 14 5'4 Awl, Bow and Arrow Ninja~Toast
4 All-Star Male Destrye Manglie 18 6'0 Sword Nommyzombies
4 New Male Whistle Frost 12 5'3 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
4 All-Star Female Emily Lunamoon 13 5'4 Spear EpicnezzEmily
4 New Female Almary Wintes 17 5'6 Dagger, Blowgun Zokab96
5 All-Star Male Majono Kelsony 16 5'7 Throwing Knives SuperTomato
5 New Male Magnas Velocity 16 6'0 Mace LightStone123
5 All-Star Female Lizzie Tyle 12 4'8 Slingshot, Knife AnnieCresta4
5 New Female Caitlin Ballard 14 5'5 Blowgun Amberfang123
6 All-Star Male Drake Johnson 15 5'10 Spear, Sword Aerialchinook
6 New Male Axl Lockhart 17 5'9 Mace Beetee19
6 All-Star Female Twilight Mist 17 5'9 Blowgun, Sword District3forever
6 New Female Rhonda Timor 13 5'8 Dagger, Awl Hyta100
7 All-Star Male Adullius Burshnack 17 6'0 Sword SuperTomato
7 New Male Grant Doniel 15 5'6 Machete Dedejacob
7 All-Star Female Camellia Cyrellia 14 4'1 Snares, Sword Ninja~Toast
7 New Female Kelly Sandleaf 15 5'6 Axe, Bow and Arrow Jsm13athome
8 All-Star Male Xavior Chance 15 5'7 Throwing Knives SethMorris95
8 New Male Nile Flame 15 5'7 Blowgun, Throwing Knives FrostSnake
8 All-Star Female Arabella Misk 17 5'8 Sword, Knife Mysims
8 New Female Rachel Deyson 15 5'7 Bow and Arrow, Axe FrostSnake
9 All-Star Male Lucas Rayden 17 5'7 Bow and Arrow, Knife Zokab96
9 New Male Drachma Dornus 14 6'0 Knife, Sword The Boy With The Pickachu Tattoo
9 All-Star Female Kacey Anderson 15 4'10 Spear Madgeical
9 New Female Azalea Firethorn 15 5'5 Knife Beetee19
10 All-Star Male Clay Levenhire 18 6'0 Mace, Sword Deaphalia911
10 New Male Hawk Loomis 18 5'11 Sword Attackcobra
10 All-Star Female Madeleine Levenhire 16 5'10 Bow and Arrow, Dagger Deaphalia911
10 New Female Leslie Adalyn 14 5'7 Throwing Knives VDA999
11 All-Star Male Parker Viola 15 5'7 Knife, Snares Moviepopcorn123
11 New Male Hudson Rylie 13 5'5 Throwing Knives Moviepopcorn123
11 All-Star Female Michelle Rhode 17 5'6 Bow and Arrow, Trident Jsm13athome
11 New Female Cassandra Goldsmith 16 5'4 Throwing Knives, Dagger Annamisasa
12 All-Star Male Gabriel DiPablo 13 5'4 Sword, Knife 2legit2quit
12 New Male Ridge Hillsong 15 5'7 Sickle Tiki Tooki
12 All-Star Female McKenna Konity 13 5'3 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Pierulesnotyou
12 New Female Phoenix Ironsmith 14 5'4 Blowgun Annamisasa
13 All-Star Male Battleaxe Mason 15 5'6 Axe, Mace The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
13 New Male Gerald Durell 15 5'7 Spear, Knife Aniju Aura
13 All-Star Female Piper Bridges 16 5'11 Blowgun District3forever
13 New Female Gabrielle Benlit 18 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Sophiedistrict11

Tribute GalleryEdit



Copper Overdeen (1), Maroon Cutter (1), Amber Agate (1), Jackie Devilin (1), Louis Welder (2), Dimitry Yukov (2), Sami Freemont (2), Shermaine Wilson (2), Destrye Manglie (4), Whistle Frost (4), Almary Wintes (4), Drachma Dornus (9)

Capitol and District 4 Alliance'

Fabio Batone (C), Maysilee Cresent (C), Emily Lunamoon (4)

District 10 and 11 Alliance'

Madeleine Levenhire (10), Michelle Rhode (11), Gerald Durrell (13)

District 5 Alliance'

Majono Kelsony (5), Magnas Velocity (5)

District 7 Alliance'

Adullius Burshnack (7), Camellia Cyrellia (7), Kelly Sandleaf (7)

District 3, 8, and 10 Alliance'

Ana Shadowsinger (3), Rachel Deyson (8), Leslie Adalyn (10)

District 12 and 13 Alliance'

Gabriel DiPablo (12), McKenna Konity (12), Phoenix Ironsmith (12), Battleaxe Mason (13), Gabrielle Benlit (13)

Capitol, District 3, 5, and 13 Alliance'

Luke Torres (C), Raden Harvestmoon (3), Tres Magnetic (3), Brooklyn Spirit (3), Lizzie Tyle (5), Piper Bridges (13)

District 6, 8, and 9 Alliance'

Rhonda Timor (6), Nile Flame (8), Kacey Anderson (9)

Capitol and District 5 Alliance'

Emmeline Shayd (C), Caitlin Ballard (5)

District 6, 9, and 12 Alliance'

Axl Lockhart (6), Azalea Firethorn (9), Ridge Hillsong (12)

District 8 and 10 Alliance'

Arabella Misk (8), Clay Levenhire (10)


Drake Johnson (6), Twilight Mist (6), Grant Doniel (7), Xavior Chance (8), Lucas Rayden (9), Hawk Loomis (10), Parker Viola (11), Hudson Rylie (11), Cassandra Goldsmith (11)


Capitol - Amity OlivanderEdit

My alarm clock rings at 6:00 AM, but I've already been awake for hours. I haven't sleep for three days, dreading today. It's reaping day, but not the usual kind where two tributes I've never met before are chosen to probably be killed. It's the one where tributes from previous Games were reaped too, including my Games. Including Pip. Pip was my closest ally in the arena, and he sacrificed his life for me. He loved me. And now, after he has been dead for twenty five years, I'll see him again. I don't know how it's going to go. I'm 42 now, and he's still the age he was when he died: 15. And of course, the Capitol is reaped first, so I have no time to prepare by seeing other tributes from my Games. The one I am dreading seeing is the one I will see before anyone else. I slowly get out of bed in the Victor's Village of the Capitol, and go put a pot of coffee on for me to drink. It's ready in five seconds, thanks to Capitol technology, and I drink it immediately. I can't even taste the coffee. My mouth is stil dry. I can't focus on anything but Pip. I throw on some clothes, not caring if they match, and head out the door to my car.

The Victors from the chosen Games: the 198th, 199th, 200th, 201st, and 225th, were all called to a meeting in the Capitol before the first meeting. I arrive there, and I'm last. I see Sian and Jonah from the 225th sitting close, holding hands. They have only been victors for a year, but I can tell they are going to be together forever. Theo and Destiny from the 200th are chatting with Summer from the 200th, and I can tell they are a couple too. I wonder if I'm the only one who didn't get married, besides the young victors. I look around, and I see Sasha from the 198th Games. She's looking down at her lap, and immediately I can tell she never did either. And then I feel even worse about myself when I look at Sasha. I'm wallowing in self-pity about Pip, when Sasha has known probably every tribute we'll see in the coming weeks.

"Good morning, Victors!" says a man's voice. I look behind me, and a guy with green hair and a huge smile is walking into the room. We all stare at him as he continues talking. "Let's get this over with quickly. My name is Colo Crenze. I am the Head Gamemaker, and I thought up this whole twist. Great idea, don't you agree?" he asks in anticipation. No one says a word, and he continues, clearly disappointed by our lack of enthusiasm, "Now, all I want to say is that you are not allowed to hurt any of these tributes, and likewise they will not be able to hurt you. I know that you may have killed some of them, so you will always have a Peacekeeper by your side to avoid any trouble. Any questions?" he asks. Once again, he is greeted with silence. "Okay, let's get to the reaping!"

After we load into a fancy car that has the words "VIP VICTORS" in rainbow all over the outside, the driver takes us towards the reaping area. I sit next to Sasha, but we don't say a word to each other. I can tell out of everyone, she's the most like me. The car takes us behind the reaping area, and stops.

"Please go up the steps and wait for the escort to call your names," the driver says, before going back into his vehicle. I walk up the stage, followed by Sasha and the rest of the victors, and can hear the escort, Delilah O'Neill, talking giddily. I can't really pick out exactly what she is saying, but one sentence sticks out in my mind, "The Capitol citizens have voted on the returning tributes." My heart sinks. Pip isn't going to have a chance. Fabio and Maysilee, the legendary couple from last year's Games, are shoe-ins for the vote. They were adored by the public.

"And now, I would like to introduce Amity Olivander, victor of the 201st Hunger Games, and from our very own Capitol!" Delilah shouts. I jolt out of my daydream, and walk through the curtains. The crowd is cheering for me, and I smile a little. But then I look to my right and see it. All of the previous Capitol tributes from the selected Games are in a glass box, similar to the one from the 200th Hunger Games. They are shackled to the ground and wall, guarded by Peacekeepers. Boys are in the front row, girls in the back. There's an extra set of shackles in the girl's row, which I know would have belonged to me had I died. I look down the boys row and see him. Pip. I look into his eyes, and he smiles at me. I want to smile back, but I can't. I look away and begin to cry. Delilah calls the other victors out, and Sasha stands next to me. I put my head on her shoulder, and begin sobbing.

"Let's begin with the new tributes!" Delilah exclaims. My head is still buried in Sasha's shoulder when I hear Delilah's voice once more. "Brett Edwards!" she shouts.

"I volunteer!" cries a voice. I wipe my eyes and look at the crowd. A boy hugs another boy, and walks up to the stage confidently.

"What's your name?" Delilah asks.

"Luke Torres," he says.

"I'll bet that is your friend you volunteered for," she says smiling.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend," he says. Delilah smiles and the crowd murmurs.

"Now for the girls!" she says. Before Delilah can pick a name, a girl yells out, "I volunteer!" She walks up to the stage, and I can't keep my eyes off of her eyes. They are piercing green, and they seem so...powerful. She stands next to Luke, and Delilah puts the microphone to her mouth.

"My name is Emmeline Shayd," the girl says.

"Excellent, now let's get to the all-stars!" Delilah shouts into the mic, taking an envelope from a third bowl. "The tributes voted by the Capitol to compete in the Vengeance Games are Fabio Batone and Maysilee Cresent!" she says. The crowd cheers, and Fabio and Maysilee's shackles disappear. The Peacekeepers guarding the other tributes leave the glas box and escort Fabio and Maysilee to the stage. The two lucky tributes hug and kiss, and the crowd gets even louder. I like them and all, but all I can do is look at the sad faces of the other tributes, especially Pip. Suddenly, the glass box becomes a fiery inferno, and the crowd screams. The tributes not chosen are burned alive. I begin sobbing all over again as Delilah ushers the victors and tributes to the train. I walk inside, still crying and lay down on a plush velvet couch. I slam my fist against the pillow, and try to fall asleep. But I can't. All I can see is the fiery box that killed Pip all over again.

District 1 - Summer AshtonEdit

Amity is still sobbing in the corner. Hex has been in a trance ever since Fabio and Maysilee were reaped. She won't even look at them.

"What's wrong with her?" I ask Lira.

"She and I killed Fabio and Maysilee. It's really awkward for us," she replies. Oh. Awkward. I make that face you make when you feel bad for someone, and turn away from Lira in embarrassment. I'm so stupid. I look over at Amity one more time, and I hope I'm not like that when I see Navy and Callam. I'm dreading it, honestly. I'm happily married now, and Callam is only 15. And so is Navy, but I actually killed Navy, so that makes it even worse.

I look out the window of the train, and I can tell we are approaching my home district, District 1. Fabio and Maysilee are sitting alone at one end of the car talking with Luke. Emmeline is chatting with Jonah and Sian, and Whitney is eating something that looks like a glitter donut.

"Alright, victors. We are at the District 1 train station. Let's get this show on the road!" Colo announces. We all grumble, and Amity wipes her tears. I feel bad for her. It was so shocking that the tributes who weren't drafted were just burned alive. It didn't make sense. It was just cruel. The ten of us leave the train, leaving the Capitol tributes alone with their escort. It's annoying how we're all sharing one train this year. Colo walks us to the familiar District 1 stage, where I stood twenty six years ago, thinking I was going to die. And then I see the glass box. I look at the boy's row, and I catch Callam's eye. He smiles brightly and puckers his lips like he's going to kiss me. I cringe. Doesn't he know I've moved on with my life? Right beside him is Navy, and if they weren't shackled to the wall, I'm pretty sure they would be trying to kill each other all over again. I can't even look at Navy. It's too painful.

"Hello, District 1!" Rosetta Kitt announces. She wasn't escort during my Games, but I kind of like her. She's spunky and fun, but she's not a typical Capitol sicko who loves the Games. "First let's announce the victors, beginning with our very own Summer Ashton, victor of the 200th Hunger Games!" she says. I smile and the crowd goes crazy. As much as I hate the Hunger Games, it's pretty damn cool to be a victor. Rosetta goes through the rest of the victors and then her attitude changes. "Now, to the reaping. We'll start with the new tributes."

Rosetta rifles her hand through the girl's bowl when a sing-song of female voices shout, "I volunteer!" Rosetta looks around, waving her finger as she surveys the girls in the crowd raising their hands in anticipation.

"You! With the red hair!" Rosetta decides. The girl jogs up to the stage, smiling like a murderess. "What's your name?" she asks.

"Jackie Devilin," the girl responds. She has that super sexy voice that makes everything sound naughty, and already I don't like her. But I'll have to mentor her anyway.

"Now for the boys!" Rosetta shouts.

Before she can put her hand fully in the bowl, a guy shouts, "I volunteer" before anyone else can. He trots up to the stage, the other guys looking at him in disgust.

"My name is Maroon Cutter," he says into the mic. Immediately, I like him. He doesn't have that District 1 vibe like everyone else. He's almost...normal.

"Ok, now we have what everyone has been waiting for: the All-Star tributes!" Rosetta says excitedly. The crowd cheers and I lock eyes with Destiny. She knows I don't want Callam or Navy reaped, and my stomach drops to the ground as Rosetta opens the envelops containing the names of the tributes. "Copper Overdeen and Amber Agate!" she yells. The crowd goes wild and I smile broadly. Peacekeepers lead Copper and Amber out of the glass box, and I cheer. I'm happy for two reasons. 1. Amber and Copper are the tributes who have the best shot of winning, in my mind at least. 2. Navy and Callam aren't going to ever reappear in my life. I start to dance around in joy when I accidentally lock eyes with Callam. He has tears rolling down his face, and I stop smiling. He mouths something to me, but I can't understand it. Then, the glass box sets on fire. The crowd silences and then cheers like barbarians when the tributes begin to burn. I feel awful once again. The last thing Callam saw before he died was me cheering about how he didn't get reaped.

District 2 - Hex ServiriorEdit

This quell twist or whatever you want to call it is sooo fucking awkward. So far, people who I killed or who my allies killed have been chosen from the revived tributes. I mean seriously. Fabio and Maysilee wouldn't hesitate to kill me, and Copper and Amber are Careers who I wasn't even allied with. It just sucks. Hopefully the pitiful tributes from District 2 in my Games won't be re-reaped. They all suck. And if they aren't from my Games, I don't know them, because the 201st and before that happened before I was born. The tributes from 1 seem alright, but Summer is chatting them up already. I hope the tributes from 2 are good. I want another winner this year.

We pull into the District 2 station and step off the train. That stupid Amity chick still looks like a wreck. What a mess. I really don't get why these people are getting so emotional over seeing these people again. They've been dead for years and now they're dead again. Get over it.

"Follow me," Colo says, leading us off the train towards the District 2 reaping area. The hopeful tributes are all laughing and talking. I was one of them last year. Our whore of an escort, Iris Stone, walks up to the stage wearing a mini skirt and a shirt that shouldn't even be called a shirt. And what makes it even more annoying is that she has a great body. I hate her so much.

"Let's begin the reaping for the Vengeance Games!" shouts Iris. The crowd erupts and she makes that "shh" noise into the microphone until they quiet down. "First, I'd like to introduce our victors. From our home District of 2, Hex Servirior!" Iris says. The crowd goes ballistic as I walk up the steps. I have to admit, being victor is awesome. Everyone knows you and you are filthy rich. Iris announces the other victors and I eye the box for tributes I want to be revived. Most of them look angry, being shackled to the wall. But the fiercest ones are a girl that reminds me of me, actually, and a boy with black hair.

"Who are they?" I whisper to Whitney.

"Megan Jones and Everest Sateer," she whispers back. I nod my head in understanding and Iris starts talking again.

"We'll start with the new tributes first. Any female volunteers?" she asks. A bunch of girls' hands shoot up, and desperate cries of "PICK ME" are ringing in my ears. Why is she asking for volunteers? Who does this slut think she is? After a good minute of looking around the crowd, Iris picks a girl. She walks up to the stage and I eye her suspiciously. She has a certain arrogance and meanness about her, and a mischievous smile that shows she is devious and a little sexy. This girl is exactly like me. "What's your name?" Iris asks.

"Shermaine Wilson," the girl replies, "But you can call me Pain." What a tool. I understand wanting a nickname for that hideous name, but pain? That's pretty weak. She stands to the side as Iris picks out a male volunteer. She decides on one quickly this time, and a dark-skinned, attractive boy walks confidently to the stage.

"Name?" Iris asks.

"Dimitry Yukov," the boy says. I'm actually impressed with these two, which means I'll probably be disappointed with the returnees. And sure enough, I am. Iris reads the names of Louis Welder and Sami Freemont from the envelope. Oh great. Sami sucks, but I don't know much about Louis. We all head onto the train and the crowd cheers. Louis goes immediately over to Summer, and they hug and she plants a kiss on his cheek. I wonder what kind of relationship they had.

"Hi, I'm Pain," a girl says. I whirl around and see Shermaine standing behind me with an evil look on her face.

"Yeah, not happening. Pain is a bad nickname, and Shermaine is a downright ugly name. How about Sherry?" I say, trying not to laugh. Her eyes narrow.

"I like my name. And Pain is what everyone in 2 calls me," she says coldly.

"Whatever you say, Sherry," I reply. She tries to hide her anger, but I can tell she's pissed off. I laugh and sit down next to Dimitry as we proceed to District 3.

District 3 - Whitney FinchEdit

The train continues toward District 3. The revived tributes are talking with their respective victors, but so far they have only been from the 200th and 225th, leaving Sasha, Amity, and I without anyone to talk to besides each other. I look around the car, and I see Shermaine staring at the ground. She's from 2 and she seems kinda scary, but I walk over to her anyway.

"What's the matter?" I ask.

"Do you like my name?" she asks.

"Yeah, I love it! It's so original and fierce sounding," I reply. She smiles.

"Thanks, I needed that. Hex has been making fun of it," she says.

"Don't pay attention to her attitude. I don't really know her well, but she was amazing in the Games. She might not be a nice person, but she will be an excellent mentor," I inform Shermaine. She nods her head.

"Alright, Victors! Time for District 3!" Colo announces, entering our car. The train stops at a station and I walk out the door. I vaguely remember 3 from my Victory Tour, and I can see why. It's so bland, and boring, covered with factories and tall buildings. We follow Colo towards the reaping area. It is so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. I look behind me at the other victors. None of us are from 3. But 3 of us are from 8. Ever since Jonah won, most District 8 tributes just join the Careers. We've had the best overall placing in the Games for twenty five years. It's pretty surprising, considering District 8 doesn't train its tributes or anything like that. We all stand behind a curtain, and a shrill Capitol accent booms through the loudspeakers.

"Welcome, welcome! It's that time of year again, District 3! My name is Luanne Retro, and I will be choosing the names for tributes! Exciting, isn't it? First, let's introduce our victors!" the woman says. She calls all of our names as we walk through the curtain. No one cheers, and it's strange since they went nuts in the last three districts we've been to. "We'll start with boys," Luanne says. She walks her flower tattooed body to the boys bowl and picks out a name. "Tres Magnetic," she says. A boy with dark red hair walks up to the stage. As I look at him, I see the box of revived tributes shackled to the wall. I had almost forgotten about them. I look at the girls' row and see Bianca Bolt, the girl who almost cost me the Games. Without instant relief, she would have killed me. She was staring straight ahead with an angry look on her face. I quickly turned back to Luanne, who had the girl's slip of paper in her hand. "Brooklyn Spirit!" she shouts. The crowd gasps and the mayor, who is standing on the other side of the stage, starts to cry. I guess she is his daughter. A girl with bright red and orange hair comes to the stage. She hugs her father and stands next to Tres.

"These two seem weak," Theo whispers in my ear. We've been mentoring with each other for a while, and we've been given District 3 along with District 8, since no victors from the selected Games are from 3. We also tell each other our first thoughts about each tribute.

"Yeah. Hopefully we can turn them around," I reply.

"Now for the returning tributes!" Luanne yells. She opens the envelope from the third bowl. "The tributes, voted on by the Capitol to return to the Games, are Ana Shadowsinger and Raden Harvestmoon!" Amity squeals in delight as the two walk up from their shackled glass box. Once they reach the stage, the glass box goes on fire like usual, and Bianca is melted away.

"Why so happy?" Destiny asks Amity.

"Ana was from my Games. She's mute, but her demeanor is sooo sweet. I really liked her," Amity replies. Ana does seem sweet. She will be good to mentor, I guess. The other three, not so much.

District 4 - Sian MalleyEdit

I hate this twist. I'm seeing people who already died again, and it's not fair. Or normal for that matter. I won my Games fair and square. And yet these people get a second chance because the public likes them. It's honestly ridiculous.

"Calm down, honey," Jonah says to me. I guess I'm getting worked up because he can sense when I'm angry even though I don't say a thing. Jonah and I have been together since we won the 225th Games, and I think I'm falling in love with him.

"Never tell a girl to calm down," I snap back at him.

"Rookie mistake, dude," Theo says from across the room, laughing. I glare at him and he sobers up.

"Next stop, District 4!" Colo Crenze announces through the loudspeaker in the train. Oh great. They chose me to mentor the District 4 tributes along with District 12. I don't really know why. They could've asked Summer or Hex, who are from Career districts, but I guess they wanted me because I'm brutal and know how to win, just like a Career should. I could understand why they didn't want Summer, because she's sweet as far as Careers go, but Hex was just like me, in my opinion.

"It's weird there aren't any victors from 4," Jonah says out of nowhere. I swear he's psychic. I was just thinking the same thing.

"Well Emily got close last year, and I don't really know about the other Games since we weren't alive for them," I reply.

"True," he says.

"Now arriving at District 4's reaping area!" Colo announces, this time walking into our train car. I look out the window and see beautiful beaches, with sparkling blue water.

"It's beautiful!" I say. Jonah looks at me strangely. "I-I mean it looks cool," I correct myself. Man, that first thing sounded really girly. Colo leads us out onto the beach and we walk to the reaping area, where the District 4 citizens are standing and talking. The sand is warm and feels so nice on my feet. During our victory tour, we stopped in the city part of 4 and only for a day, so we never went to the beach. We finally reach the stage and walk up it, the crowd cheering as we stand in a row.

"Please welcome our victors!" the escort says, barely audible above the noisy crowd. Once it dies down, she introduces herself, and her name is Mona Bridges. She has pink hair that falls straight down, but nothing else about her is really Capitol-ish. "Let's get to the reapings!" she shouts. The crowd erupts and she puts her hand in the girls bowl. She starts to read the name when a bunch of girls yell, "I volunteer!" She points to a girl near the back, and she walks up confidently. The girl is very plain looking, and she isn't showing much emotion.

"My name is Almary Wintes," she says into the microphone before standing off the to side. Mona struts over to the boy's bowl and chooses a name.

"Whistle Frost!" she yells. Everyone silences, and then they begin to cheer. I guess he's famous or something. A young boy walks up to the stage and he looks really scared. I guess his family is well-known, because he looks pretty weak. "Now for the revived tributes!" Mona yells. My eyes shift to the glass box containing the tributes. I look at Emily, and she is staring straight at me. It's her fault that she died. She should've stayed with us or allied with Fabio and Maysilee. I stare back at her, and her eyes tell me that she's sorry. I don't know why though. She died and I'm alive.

"Emily Lunamoon and Destrye Manglie!" Mona says suddenly, with the empty envelope in her right hand and the slip of paper in her left. Emily and some other attractive guy's shackles disappear, and the Peacekeepers lead them to the stage. Whitney cheers. I guess Destrye was from her Games. Then, the flames melt the glass box and all the tributes in it. The last thing I see before the train door closes is Antonia laying on the ground, screaming.

District 5 - Destiny CarvenEdit

I'm sitting with Theo on the train as it moves toward District 5. My stomach rumbles in anticipation. District 5 tributes are going to be mentored by me, along with the District 11 tributes of course.

"Theo, what if I don't do a good job?" I ask him.

"You'll do great," he replies.

"Yeah, but there hasn't been a District 11 winner since I won. What if I am a bad mentor?" I retort.

"There hasn't been a District 6 winner since Sasha," he reminds me. Sasha flashes him a look of contempt and he shrugs his shoulders. I feel bad for Sasha. No one from her Games was revived yet, and District 6 blames her for putting a curse on them.

I look out the window and see a bunch of huge buildings with power lines coming out of them. It looks like there are no people around. I guess they're all at the reaping. The train slows down and Colo comes bursting out of his private car.

"District 5, ladies and gentlemen. Let's do this!" he shouts at us, exiting the train. The victors walk out, leaving the new and revived tributes alone in there. We walk behind the stage where a big curtain shields us from the audience.

"Hello, District 5! I'm Icina Avery, as most of you know already. Welcome to the reaping for the Vengeance Games!" the escort says from in front of the curtain. Her voice is clear even from behind the stage. "Now, let's introduce the victors!" She calls all of our names as we walk out to the stage. Rows of people dressed in black or brown go back so far. District 5 is really populated. We all sit down in chairs they laid out for us and stare blankly at the crowd as Icina drags on and on about how excited she is to see all of these tributes back. I look at the rows of tributes, shackled to the wall in that glass box. I think of that last battle in the glass box, when Theo almost died...when Forsythia almost won..."Magnas Velocity!" Icina shouts. I snap out of my flashback and see a boy walking slowly to the stage. He stands alone and puts his hands in his pockets. Icina sticks her hand in the girl's bowl and pulls out a name. "Anna Very!" she yells.

"I volunteer!" a voice rings out from deep in the crowd. A girl with creepy green eyes walks to the stage. I can tell there is something off about her. Something way off.

"What is your name, sweetie?" Icina asks.

"Caitlin Ballard," the girl replies. She stands next to Magnas as Icina walks over to the third bowl with the envelope.

"Now, the all-stars voted on by the almighty Capitol are Lizzie Tyle and Majono Kelsony!" she announces. Sasha cheers as the Peackeepers lead them out of the box. She runs over and hugs Lizzie, while Majono stands awkwardly with Magnas and Caitlin. This is going to be a tough bunch to mentor.

District 6 - Sasha SelentaEdit

My stomach feels like it is going to burst as we move toward District 6. My home district. I feel as if I've let everyone down. How? I'm not sure. But all I know is that since me, District 6 has not had a victor. James and I were amazing during my games. He placed 4th, and I placed 1st. I felt a lump in my throat when I thought about James. He was so full of life, so kind. And then I killed him. My own district partner. Maybe that is why we're losing. And then last year, I thought we would win. All four of the District 6 tributes made it to the final arena, and they all died. Kate came in seventh, though. That had to count for something to these people, right?

"We are approaching District 6!" Colo announces. I suddenly feel sick.

"It'll be fine," Lizzie assures me. I smile at her. Lizzie and I weren't even allies, yet she is my rock right now. I am truly grateful for her. After a few minutes, we arrive at 6. I stand up reluctantly and wave goodbye to Lizzie. The victors walk out the door and down the street to the District 6 reaping area. I hate this place. We stand behind the curtain and my knees start to buckle. I hear Anita DeRemo, the escort from last year, talking wildly. And then I hear my name. I step out from behind the curtain and the crowd is silent. Tears well up in my eyes. My district hates me. The other victors come out, and Amity stands behind me and rubs my back.

"It's ok," she whispers in my ear. But I know unless there is a victor this year, it won't be.

"Let's start with the girls, as usual," Anita announces. She walks over to the girl's bowl and reaches in.

"I volunteer!" shouts a girl. The crowd gasps. A tomboyish looking girl with red and black hair struts up to the stage.

"What's your-" Anita begins.

"Rhonda Timor," the girl interrupts. She stands off to the side with her arms folded over. This one can win it. I can tell.

"Now for the boys!" Anita continues, obviously annoyed by Rhonda. She walks over to the boys bowl and puts her hand to the bottom. She pulls it out and reads the name. "Axl Lockhart!" she shouts. A nice, quiet looking boy walks slowly up to the stage, like he's in shock.

"Now for the revived tributes!" Anita begins. I've been trying not to look over to the glass box, fearing that I'll make eye contact with James. I know all of these tributes. I killed James and mentored the rest. I don't want to see them. But the temptation is too great. I look over, and James is staring at me. If looks could kill, I would be dead already. I see the empty pair of shackles behind him, and suddenly I don't want him to be revived. He would probably kill me. "Drake Johnson and Twilight Mist!!" Anita shouts. I'm surprised. Drake I understand, but I didn't know Twilight was so popular with the Capitol. She didn't do much. I thought Kate would be revived. I can tell that Rhonda and Drake have a real chance of winning. The other two, not so much. Drake and Twilight stand next to Axl, and the inferno begins. I watch in horror as all of the tributes I've mentored burn. For Kate, it's the second time she's burning. I see her standing there, not moving, until her face melts away.

District 7 - Jonah ThompsonEdit

I pull Sian a little closer to me on the couch and she pulls away. "What are you doing?" she asks.

"I dunno," I mutter. Why do I love this girl so much? She acts as if we aren't even together, and yet I'm crazy about her. We're approaching District 7, and I'm mentoring those tributes. I don't really want to. With the tributes from 8, at least I'll have Theo and Whitney to help me. With the tributes from 7, I'm all alone. "I'm afraid I'll be a bad mentor," I tell Sian.

"Oh, man up. You won the Games, therefore you have what it takes to be a good mentor," she says.

"Easy for you to say. They asked you to mentor a Career district," I respond. When Colo announced what districts we were mentoring, I was happy for Sian, but I was also a little jealous.

"True. You won't be as good as me," she says laughing, "But you'll still be a great mentor." She plants a kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks," I mutter. As much as we acted all tough and cool around each other, I could tell she loved me and I loved her.

The boy from 4, Whistle, comes up to Sian and me. "Excuse me," he says quietly. This poor kid is only twelve years old and he's expected to be one of the fiercest tributes in the arena.

"What?" Sian snaps. He looks terrified.

"Uh, I was just wondering when you'll give us some tips," he stammers.

"When we get to the Capitol, idiot. You're made of money. You're from 4. Don't you train for the Games? You don't need tips from someone like me!" she shouts angrily.

"Sian-," I begin.

"Don't get involved, Jonah!" she snaps. The boy walks away, crying. I know Sian didn't mean that, but she's just frustrated. Coming from such a poor district, she expects them to know and have everything. Someone from 4 coming to her for help is a little strange to her. The train stops, and Colo's voice breaks the tension in the room.

"We've arrived in 7!" he says, entering the car. The victors leave, and walk through the sylvan path to the reaping area. District 7 is beautiful, especially compared to my district. I've always wanted to live here. We reach the stage and stand behind the curtains.

"Welcome, welcome. Let's get this thing over with. I'm still Mason from last year," says the escort. I'm surprised to hear a male voice. He announces our names in rapid succession and we stand clumped together to the side of the stage. The crowd is silent. 7 usually produces decent tributes, so I'm excited.

"The female tribute is," Mason says, putting his hand in the bowl, "Kelly Sandleaf." A dark-skinned girl runs to the boys section and hugs two of them. I guess they are her brothers. Peacekeepers run and pull her up to the stage. She's crying, but I like her immediately.

"Weak," Sian whispers in my ear. I disagree.

"And the male tribute is Grant Doniel," Mason says quickly. An attractive guy walks to the stage. He seems strong.

"Ehh," Sian says. Once again, I disagree.

"Now for the all-stars," Mason says, reaching for the envelope. He pulls it out and reads the names to the crowd, "Adullius Burshnack and Camellia Cyrellia!" The shackles release, and I'm happy to see the two of them back. I never had a problem with either of them. The fire begins, and the remaining tributes are burned alive. I turn away and shake the hands of my new recruits as we step on the train.

District 8 - Theo WelchEdit

We're back in the train, on the way to my home district. 8. I will see Cleo today. I can't wait to see her face again. I really hope she gets revived. Who else would the Capitol revive? The 8 girls from the last games were pretty poor. Arabella showed promise but died early. It had to be Cleo, right? My vision turns to that glass box, when I held down Xavior, and...Forsythia. I almost forgot. I would see her today too. What if the Capitol chooses to revive her? They couldn't. She was evil. But sometimes they liked evil. Destiny could see the pained expression on my face.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"What if they don't pick Cleo?" I ask her.

She hesitates, "I really don't know, sweetie. But, what I do know is that no matter what happens, she loves you, and so do I."

"Thanks," I say. I just don't know what I'm going to do if Cleo isn't picked. I'm not even worried about the boy they choose, or the new tributes that I have to mentor. I was just thinking about Cleo.

"Theo, relax. Remember your first job is a mentor," Whitney says from across the car. She seems to always know what I'm thinking, even more than Destiny. Whitney is a great friend and mentoring partner to have.

"Yeah, she's right. Even if Cleo is revived, the chances of her winning..." Destiny trails off, realizing what she is saying is not what I need to hear right now. Even though she's right, I need to keep positive.

"Now arriving at District 8!" Colo says through the loudspeaker system, shortly before he comes to our car. The train stops and I take a deep breath as we walk towards the District 8 reaping area. Jonah is beaming, and Whitney has a smile on her face too. I would be like that if this was a normal reaping. But it's not. My sister's chance at life again is at stake. We all stand behind the stage. The escort, Darla Conoda, starts talking and then she calls my name, Whitney's name, and Jonah's name. The three of us walk out onto the stage and the crowd goes crazy. I look at the glass box, not even paying attention to the crowd, and see Cleo. She smiles at me and my eyes fill up with tears. I mouth the words "I love you" and she reciprocates. I look to the right of her and see Forsythia. She stares at me coldly. I stare right back. She killed my sister, and she almost killed me.

"Let's get this reaping started," Darla says after all the victors are called onstage. She sticks her hand in the girl's bowl and pulls out a name. "Rachel Deyson!"

The crowd gasps. I know that name. This girl saved a family from a house fire, and she saved her father and sister from an earthquake. She walks up to the stage, clearly shaken, and stands next to Darla on the stage.

"The male tribute is Nile Flame!" Darla announces, reading the slip of paper. A boy walks to the stage, and he reminds me of myself in his demeanor. Darla reaches her hand into the third bowl and pulls it out. I feel like I'm going to pass out.

"The all-star tributes are," she begins. I'm sweating like crazy. "Xavior Chance and Arabella..." I pass out.

District 9 - Whitney FinchEdit

Peacekeepers carried Theo onto the train. Destiny is at his side, kneeling down and stroking his hair. He's still out cold, and I feel so bad for him. I look at Arabella Misk, the tribute who was reaped in Cleo's place. She's staring wickedly at Theo. She's a heartless bitch.

"Hey! What's your problem?" I shout at her.

"You talking to me?" she shouts back. The train silences and everyone stares at us.

"Yeah, I am! You look like you're happy that Cleo wasn't reaped," I say.

"I am! It means that I'm alive. If his sister is dead, sorry, but I'm not going to pretend to be sad for him when I'm not," she replies. Damn, she's right.

"I'm not saying you have to be sad, but don't smile like the little bitch you are. You shouldn't even be here! You died second!" I scream.

"Cleo didn't even make it to the arena!" she yells back.

"Fuck you!" I scream at her, leaving the car and slamming the door behind me. I sit down on the couch and start to cry. Theo has been such a good friend to me over the years. I hate that he has to suffer and his sister has to die when Arabella gets to live. I hear the door open and I look up. It's Jonah.

"What?" I say miserably.

"Don't let Arabella bother you. She has issues. She is basically incapable of feelings, and she comes off as heartless, which I guess she is...but anyway, just ignore her," he says. I don't say a word, even though I know he's right. He leaves the car and the train stops. We're at 9. Oh God. I remember Michael and Claudia from my Games form 9. I killed both of them. This won't be fun. I leave the train from my car and follow the rest of the victors, besides Theo, towards the stage.

"Who has this district?" Colo asks. Amity, Sasha, and Lira raise their hands.

"What? I have to mentor the 5 and 11 tributes by myself and they get three!" Destiny says angrily. Hex laughs at her. We reach the reaping area, and the escort calls us out. I remember Marisol Margot from her annoying voice and her yellow garb.

"Let's start this thing!" she shouts, walking to the girl's bowl. She pulls a name out and reads it aloud. "Azalea Firethorn!" A beautiful girl with fiery red hair walks slowly to the stage.

"She's hot!" I hear Jonah say. Sian slaps him.

"And the male tribute is..." Marisol begins.

"I volunteer!" shouts a boy from the crowd. He isn't very enthusiastic for a volunteer. He walks to the stage as if he doesn't care.

"What is you name?" Marisol asks.

"Drachma Dornus," the boy replies nonchalantly.

"And now for the revived tributes!" Marisol says, dismissing Drachma. I look at the glass box and my fears are confirmed. Michael and Claudia are glaring at me. I pray they aren't reaped. "Lucas Rayden and Kacey Anderson!" Marisol says. I stick my tongue out at Michael and Claudia, and immediately regret it. These people are about to be burned, and I'm being immature enough to stick my tongue out at them? Lucas I remember from the 225th, and I guess Kacey is from Sasha's games. The fire starts and I stare blankly at it. It's the same color as Azalea's hair.

District 10 - Hex ServiriorEdit

Theo finally woke up. After crying like a wimp for hours about his sister, he finally became stable. Now he's talking with Destiny, who's filling him in on Whitney's lash out against Arabella. I have to say I'm impressed. When Whitney was nice to Sherry about her name, I thought she was a wuss. But she's not. And neither is Arabella. I wish I could mentor her. But I'm stuck with Sherry and the rest of District 2, and District 10. And Summer is mentoring with me. Ugh. She is too nice to be a Career.

"I just wanted to talk to Cleo," I hear Theo say from across the train car. I'm going to punch him in the face. My brother Jinx died from cancer, yet I don't cry about it every five minutes. Sure it's tough to see her again and lose her, but still. If I ever had the chance to see Jinx again...No. I can't afford to think like that. He's gone. I can't let some dumb Capitol gimmick get my hopes up.

"We're arriving at 10!" Colo Crenze announces. Damn. I was hoping for another catfight, maybe between Sian and Sherry this time. The train pulls to a stop and we all hop out, well all the victors. Whitney still looks shaken up, and Theo is still a mess. I walk next to Amity. Wow, I have to resort to being next to a Capitol girl. We reach the District 10 reaping area, and it's pretty gross. All I can smell here is cow manure.

"Let's introduce our victors!" the escort says as we walk up. She names each of us and we sit in a row of chairs they provided us. The crowd is silent. "Alrighty. As most of you know, I am Lunesta Emery, District 10's escort. Let's get going with this reaping, shall we?" She walks over to the girls bowl in her huge heels. She almost trips and falls, but catches herself. She straightens out her skirt and puts her hand in the bowl. Idiot. "And the female tribute is Leslie Adalyn!" she cries out. A puny dark-skinned girl walks up to the stage. I look at Summer and she smiles warmly. Ugh. Too nice. Leslie and Summer will get along just fine. "And now for the males!" Lunesta says, putting her hand in the boy's bowl.

"I volunteer!" shouts a male voice from the crowd. I look up, surprised, as a strong-looking boy with a scar walks up to the stage confidently. I'm already impressed.

"What is your name, dear?" Lunesta asks.

"Hawk Loomis," is all he says. He stands next to Leslie and I look down at Summer. She's frowning. What the hell is wrong with this chick? Hawk actually has a chance.

"And now for the all-stars!" Lunesta says excitedly. I look at the District 10 tributes in the glass box and am not too impressed. "Clay and Madeleine Levenhire!" she shouts, and then claps. A little cheer comes from the crowd as the Peacekeepers lead the uncle and niece, now only two years apart, to the stage. That's awkward, but I hate the Levenhire family. They are so overrated. The only decent one is Caitlyn, and she didn't even get picked. Same with the Rhode family from 11. Maizi was the only good one, and Michelle will probably get revived. It's obnoxious, honestly. As the reaping disbands and we head to the train, I catch up to Summer.

"I only want Hawk," I tell her.

"That's fine, she says, "The other three seem really sweet. I think I can help them a lot!" she replies. I roll my eyes and turn back to look at Hawk, my protege.

District 11 - Destiny CarvenEdit

I feel so bad for Theo. He's alright now, but he was in pretty bad shape before. I'm so glad he passed out before he saw Cleo burn. Now that would've killed him. We're almost done with reapings now. My home district, 11, is the only one left where I have to mentor tributes. And I'm dreading it. Tributes from 11 never win. Ever. Well, besides me. I hate getting close to these kids and then just losing them to some tough Career. I look around the car.

Sasha is talking to Lizzie and Kacey.

Whitney is glaring at Arabella from across the room.

Theo is sitting in the corner with me, just looking out the window.

Summer is talking to Lou and her District 10 tributes.

Amity is talking with Ana. Well, Ana's writing but you know what I mean.

Hex is talking with Hawk and ignoring Shermaine, or Sherry as Hex calls her.

Sian is talking to Almary, but she looks miserable. The way she snapped at Whistle, I'm impressed Almary even has the guts to go near her.

Jonah is chatting with the District 8 tributes.

And I'm just staring at everyone else.

"Attention! Now arriving at District 11!" Colo announces. I stand up as the train stops and walk outside to the fresh, crisp air of 11. Living in 8 is not the same. Sure, I have a better life, but District 11's air is so much cleaner and crisp. I miss it. We all walk side by side to the reaping area. There are tons of people here, as District 11 is one of the most populated. I stand behind the curtain as our escort, Tisha Tomay, talks to the crowd. The she announces my name. I emerge from behind the curtain and the crowd cheers. I smile and stand to the side as the other victors get called to the stage. We all sit down and Tisha begins the reaping.

"Our new female tribute is Cassandra Goldsmith!" she announces. No one comes forward. "Cassandra, dear. Cassandra Goldsmith!" she continues. An animalistic girl begins walking up to the stage. The crowd speaks in hushed tones as she walks up the steps to the stage. She stands to the side, not saying a word. This girl doesn't seem human.

"And for the male tribute we have Hudson Rylie!" says Tisha. A cute, sad looking boy walks slowly up to the stage and stands next to Cassandra, but I can tell he's scared of her. So am I. "And now for the all-stars!" she shouts. Tisha opens up the envelope and reads it to the crowd. "Parker Viola and Michelle Rhode!" she announces.

"I knew it!" I hear Hex say. I look at the box and see all of the depressed and scared faces of the tributes who weren't chosen. Parker and Michelle walk up to the stage, and the fire goes into the box. I turn away and the smell of burning human flesh fills my nose. I wait for my new tributes.

"Hi Cassandra and Hudson! My name is Destiny and I'll be mentoring you guys!" I say.

"Hi," Hudson mutters.

"Koume," Cassandra says.

"What?" I reply.

"Koume," she repeats. What the hell?

District 12 - Sian MalleyEdit

Ugh these games suck ass. I hate the District 4 tributes. Well, Almary is alright, but the rest I can't stand. And now we're going to District 12, where nobody ever wins. It's really pointless to even have 12 compete in the Games. They should just execute them. I was the first winner since Katniss and Peeta. We literally have zero chance of winning again. I look to my right and see Destiny trying to talk to that new 11 girl.

"Why do you keep saying Koume?" she asks.

"Koume," the girl replies.

"Is that where you live?" Destiny asks. The girl shakes her head. "THEN WHAT IS IT?" Destiny screams.

"My-my na-ame," the girl stammers. The girl must not talk a lot. That, or she's an idiot.

"I thought it was Cassandra," Destiny says. Koume gazes at her like she's remembering something from her past.

"Koume," the girl says again. Hex is cracking up from the other side of the room. I know I'm bad when it comes to social situations, but I'm not as bad as Hex. I walk into the other car where Jonah is and sit down.

"I don't want to do this anymore," I tell him.

"Do what?" he asks.

"Everything. Mentoring, riding the train, watching these poor kids die. It's sickening," I say.

"None of us want to do this, but we have to," Jonah tells me. I sigh.

"Now arriving at District 12!" chirps Colo. The train comes to an abrupt stop, and the victors file out. Only one more after this. Then it's training and all of the tribute stuff. We walk to the District 12 reaping area, also known as Satan's home, and stand behind the stage, waiting for the dumb escort, Hawk Poppel, to say something. And of course he does. He introduces us to the crowd, and they don't cheer. They never do. What reason would they have to cheer?

"Let's get this thing over with. Ladies first," Hawk says, sticking his hand in the girl's bowl. "Phoenix Ironsmith!" he shouts. A girl steps forward and my eyes go wide. She has red skin. Like it's actually red. She looks like she's been cooked over a fire. Her face looks like it can break at any second, and her misty grey eyes seem to be on the verge of crying. She stands next to Hawk Poppel. The crowd is silent. "And for the boys we have Ridge Hillsong!" Hawk announces. A quiet, yet strong looking boy walks up to the stage. He's confident, but not cocky. I think I can work with these two. District 12 might not be doomed after all. "And for the revived tributes, we have," Hawk begins. I hope it's no one from my Games. They all sucked. "Gabriel DiPablo and McKenna Konity!" he says. I have no idea who they are.

"How did they do in their Games?" I ask Sasha.

"4th and 9th," she says, "And McKenna's 9th was in a Quell the same size as your's." Wow. 12 might not be doomed this year.

District 13 - Lira RobertsEdit

Only one more reaping left. The worst reaping. I would see Battleaxe again. If he's not reaped, I don't know what I'm going to do. If he is reaped, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm a mess, honestly. I'm sitting in the corner of the train car chewing on my nails like a loser. Sian is all excited with her District 12 tribute, and Jonah is talking to them. Well one is moving his hands and not talking. I guess he's mute. Hex, who I would usually talk to, is still with her all-time favorite tribute Hawk from 10. 

"Hey, what's up?" Amity asks me.

"Oh hi. Nothing," I say.

"I know something's wrong. I can tell," she says.

"I'm seeing Battleaxe at the reaping. And I don't know what I'm going to do. I want him to be reaped, but in the same sense, I don't because I don't want to lose him again. And what if we're not meant to be together? It's just too much," I tell her, spilling my guts out.

"I know how you feel. It's harder for you because you are still his age. For me, I'm like fifteen years older than Pip, so it would've been out of the question anyway.." she says, trailing off, "But just let fate take it's course. Everything happens for a reason. Don't get too caught up in it."

"Thanks," I say genuinely. She's right. If Battleaxe and I are meant to be, it will happen. If we aren't it won't happen.

"Last stop before we go to the Capitol. District 13!" Colo Crenze says. I take a deep breath and Amity pats my back. 

"You can do this," she says. We stop at the District 13 train station and walk down the flight of stairs, underground, to the reaping area. I look immediately at the glass box. I lock eyes with Battleaxe and my heart melts. I've missed him so much.

"Welcome one and all to the District 13 reaping!" Sally Kenny, the escort says. "Let's start this thing!" She walks to the girl's bowl and picks a name. "Gabrielle Benlit!" she yells. A girl with blonde hair walks up. She doesn't look like anything special. "And for the boys we have Gerald Durrell!" she announces. A boy, coughing and hacking, walks up to the stage. I think he has lipstick on. "And finally, the all-stars," Sally starts. My fingers tense up in anticipation. "Battleaxe Mason and Piper Bridges!" she shouts.

"YES!" I scream. I leap off the stage and hug Battleaxe as the shackles release. He hugs me back and lifts me up. We walk up to the stage, hugging and kissing. Piper is walking next to us awkwardly, but I don't care. All I know is that Battleaxe is back. And that is all that matters.

Group TrainingEdit

Day 1Edit

Maroon Cutter - District 1Edit

It's the first day of training. I can't wait, honestly. Now that training is mandatory, I'll get to see all of these tributes in action. District 12 is the last district to arrive, and I'm a little surprised. They look strong. The guys aren't huge or anything, but they just have that tough-guy feel to them. The one girl looks pretty, but fierce. The other girl is red, so she has to be scary. I look around at the other tributes as the new head trainer, I think she said her name was Lina, lectures us about not spending all of our time at the weapons station. Oh please. When you are a Career, you stay at the Cornucopia, you don't need the other training. I scan the tributes, and only a few stand out to me: one of the 5 guys, one of the 7 guys, one of the 8 girls, a guy and girl from 9, one of the 10 guys, one of the 11 girls, everyone from 12, and a guy and a girl from 13. All in all, I might have some work cut out for me. These guys seem pretty tough. I look around at my fellow Careers. 1 seems the strongest this year. Usually 2 is tougher, but this year it's 1. I hope we do well enough to win, because we have some tough competition.

Ana Shadowsinger - District 3Edit

Lina lets us go and immediately the tributes rush everywhere. I feel claustrophobic and scared. I know I get another chance at life, but this still isn't fun. Being dead was so...weird. And now that I'm back, it makes me fear death even more. I look around helplessly. There's a mute boy from 12 I wat to ally with. I turn around and see him running towards some station with a guy and a girl with red hair. Oh well.

"Hey!" says a female voice. I whirl around and see two girls standing in front of me, smiling. I smile at them.

Hi, I write on my notebook.

"Do you want to ally with us?" the other one asks, "My name is Leslie and I'm from 10."

"And I'm Rachel from 8," says the first one.

Sure, I write down. They smile broadly and the three of us walk towards the station for edible plants and animals. Maybe these girls will be my Elana.

Caitlin Ballard - District 5Edit

I look around the training area desperately for an alliance. I spin around and see tributes running off to places and I stare at them, thinking about who I should choose.

"Hi!" says a girl. I turn and see a dark-skinned girl with piercing green eyes, just like mine.

"Whoa," I say.

"My eyes?" she asks.

"Yeah, they're..." I start.

"I know, they're scary," she says in shame.

"No, they're like mine," I say. She looks into my eyes and smiles. Something, maybe her aura, I'm not entirely sure, makes me trust this girl.

"Oh yeah. Well anyway my name is Emmeline. Want to be allies?" she says.

"Sure. I'm Caitlin from 5 by the way. Where are you from?" I inquire.

"The Capitol," she says in shame once more.

"Oh," I say, trying to hide my contempt for the Capitol, "Well let's go to those trees over there!"

Luke Torres - CapitolEdit

I stare at the Careers, and I see their faces. They look evil, all of them. I realize I'm not like that. I don't want to be evil. I want to be human. I look around, and see a trio of tributes. I think they're from 3.

"Hey, can I join you guys?" I ask.

"Sure," says the girl quickly. One of the guys doesn't look too happy, though. I noticed him staring at the girl before.

"I'm Luke from the Capitol," I say excitedly.

"I'm Brooklyn from 3," says Brooklyn, obviously trying to flirt, "This is Tres and this is Raden." Tres is the angry one, and Raden seems quiet. Two girls approach us, and Brooklyn goes over to talk to them. Tres glares at me.

"Don't worry dude, I'm gay. I won't try to steal your girl," I tell him. I can tell Tres is relieved, even though he doesn't say a word.

"Guys, this is Lizzie and this is Piper. They're going to join us," Brooklyn says, butting into the conversation.

"Sounds good," I say. Raden remains quiet.

"This is a big alliance, so no one else should join," Piper says, looking at the Careers. I can tell she hates them. She'll be a good ally.

"I agree," says Lizzie. She's small and cute, and she seems loyal. I like this alliance so far.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7Edit

"Attention tributes. It is now time for lunch. Please proceed to the cafeteria," says a voice over the loudspeaker in the training facility. My alliance, which is me, Adullius, and Kelly, walk with the mass of tributes towards the cafeteria. Lunchtime is where you see all of the alliances. It's pretty interesting, actually. We enter the cafeteria and sit down at a small round table with four chairs.

"Is the food good?" Kelly asks us.

"Adullius thinks so," says Adullius.

"Yeah, it's amazing," I say, remembering the last time I ate here. It's so strange, being alive again. I don't know what I expected it to be like, but it's just...different. I look around the cafeteria and see Maysilee, the girl who killed me. I'm not mad at her, though. It is the Hunger Games after all. The attitude is kill or be killed. As the waiter comes around to take our order, Grant, the fourth tribute from 7, comes and sits with us.

"Can I sit here?" he asks, even though his butt is already in the seat.

"Sure," Kelly says. I really like Kelly and Adullius. They are both really nice, just like me.

"So how's it going?" Grant asks.

"Well," responds Adullius. I don't know why Grant isn't allying with us. I watched him during training this morning, and he was all alone. Kelly seems to have read my mind.

"Why don't you ally with us?" she asks Grant. He looks at us awkwardly, stands up, and walks away.

"Ok then," Kelly says laughing.

Sami Freemont - District 2Edit

I'm sitting with the Careers at the main table next to Amber. I really like her, and I feel we are closer to each other than the rest of the Careers. Even though we are supposed to be one big happy family there are different cliques among us. Maroon and Lou seem to be tight, as do Whistle and our only recruit Drachma. Pain, Jackie, and Almary are always together, which worries me, and Copper, Destrye, and Dimitry seem to be the unelected leaders. I look at the tables of tributes all around us. Most are scattered in clumps of two to four. There are a few loners all around, but two other major alliances have formed. We've been eying them all day.

The first major alliance is made up of tributes from 12 and 13. Everyone is predicting 12 is going to have a great year, and the guy from 13, Battleaxe from my Games, is really strong.

The other major alliance is made of up of tributes from 3 mostly, and three other tributes. A guy from the Capitol who seems tough, a weak girl from 5, and a strong girl from 13 make up that alliance.

"Are you guys nervous about the other groups?" I ask. Everyone quiets down and then bursts out laughing. I laugh along with them, but I'm actually nervous.

"You're kidding, right?" Destrye asks.

"Yeah, I just wanted to see how confident you guys are, since the Careers in my Games sucked. I'm feeling good now," I lie. Oh God.

Nile Flame - District 8Edit

We're back in the training area again, but only for a short time. Lunch was sooo good. I had steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. I've never had such a good meal before in my life.

"Come on. Let's go over to the gauntlet!" Rhonda says excitedly. Kacey, the other member of my alliance, smiles brightly, and I groan as we walk over. I don't want to let my alliance down. What if they think I'm weak?

"I'll go first," Rhonda says. We stand in line behind two other tributes who are already there.

"Hi, what's your name?" Kacey asks the boy in front of us.

"Lucas," he says, "I'm from your district. We were revived together."

"Oh, right. Sorry about that," she says quickly, "And what's your name?" Her question is directed to the scary girl from 11 in the front of the line.

"Koume," the girl says.

"Well that's an odd name, but I like it!" Kacey says happily. The girl hisses at Kacey and then starts the gauntlet. She moves with amazing speed and agility, and doesn't mess up once. Wow.

"Alright, that's the end of training for today!" announces Lina. Phew. I'm so relieved I don't have to go on the gauntlet. Rhonda and Kacey seem disappointed, though.

"I'll see you girls tomorrow!" I say, running towards the elevator. I can't wait to go to sleep in my warm, cozy Capitol bed.

Day 2Edit

Gerald Durrell - District 13Edit

My alarm clock rings and I hit the snooze button. Ten minutes later, it rings again and I roll out of bed. I'm dreading going out of my room and sitting with the other District 13 people. Battleaxe and Gabrielle are in an alliance, and Piper is cool with them. I'm awkwardly allied with a girls from 10 and 11, and I'm not close with my district partners, even though I want to be. I put on the training outfit they gave us and walk out the door. My escort and Lira are sitting and talking with the other tributes from 13.

"Hey, Gerald!" Gabrielle says. She's the nicest of the three.

"Come over here!" Lira says, patting the couch for me to sit down. I go and sit next to them.

"We're talking about the threats in the tributes. Who do you think?" Battleaxe asks.

"Well the Careers seem pretty strong this year, especially the tributes from 1," I say truthfully.

"Besides them!" Piper says angrily. I've never seen someone hate the Careers so much.

"Uh, the tributes from 12," I begin.

"Ugh, he's no use. He just regurgitates what other people say. I'm out," Piper says, slamming the door as she leaves the District 13 penthouse. I look down at my feet and Lira whisks us off to training. I hate my life.

Axl Lockhart - District 6Edit

I arrive at training and walk over to my allies, Azalea and Ridge. I really like both of them, and both are quite strong. I think the three of us and can go places.

"Where should we go?" I ask them.

"Well the Careers aren't using the weapons station, so how about we go there?" Azalea suggests. Ridge nods, and we sprint over to the weapons station, getting there just before the alliance of the legendary Fabio Batone, Maysilee Cresent, and Emily Lunamoon. I remember cheering for Fabio and Maysilee during their Games just last year. It's weird being next to them.

"You can go after us," I say. Fabio and Maysilee smooch and Emily watches us in anticipation. Ridge is up first. He takes a sickle sword from the rack and does a bunch of fancy moves I honestly can't even describe. Emily clapped for him, and Ridge smiled broadly. Azalea's next. She takes two knives from the rack, and puts one in each hand. She stabs a bunch of dummies with a variety of maneuvers and then beheads the last one. Emily claps once more. Now it's my turn. I gulp. Following those two performances will be tough. I picked up a mace and swing it around my head. I run towards a dummy and swing my mace at its head. The head comes off, and I accidentally let go of the mace. I watch it horror as it flies towards the Careers, who are standing in a group talking and laughing at the tributes trying to do the gauntlet. The mace clatters to the floor and hits the leg of Copper. He spins around and screams.

"Who the fuck was that?" echoes through the room.

Clay Levenhire - District 10Edit

The training area was silent after Copper yelled. Even Lina wasn't intervening. I looked at Arabella, my ally, and she had a wicked grin on her face.

"Don't," I whisper.

"Tell me who threw that mace!" Copper bellows again.

"Don't," I repeat to Arabella.

"It was Axl from 6," she shouts. Copper sets his eyes on Axl and charges. Peacekeepers run towards him, but they aren't fast enough. Copper plowed into Axl and tackled him to the ground. The Peacekeepers and Lina reached him before he could punch Axl. They pulled him back and held him in restraint as Lina helped Axl up.

"You're my first kill, 6!" Copper shouts as he's dragged away by Peacekeepers. Lina takes Axl to the infirmary, and I look at his allies, Azalea and Ridge. They both flash the birdie at Arabella, and she flashes it right back. Why do I have to be allied with the most hated tribute here?

McKenna Konity - District 12Edit

I feel like punching someone in the face and then puking. I have so much pressure on me to win these Games. First, it's my second chance at life, which is pressure enough, but now everyone is expecting District 12 to do amazing and now I have that pressure too. I wish Aleena was revived. She understood me so well, and she was my closest friend in the arena. I miss her so much.

"Let's go to weapons," Battleaxe says. I look at Gabe and Phoenix, and can tell they are feeling the same way. Now we are expected to do amazing with weapons. We walk over and Drake from 6 is in line. He takes a spear and does a whole bunch of kung fu moves before throwing it into the dummy's heart. Wow. I'm impressed. I look over and the Careers, minus Copper, are staring at him angrily. Uh oh.

"I'll go first," Battleaxe says. He takes the mace that Axl let go of and does the same maneuver he did, except this time he does it correctly. Gabrielle is up next, and she is mediocre with the bow and arrow. Gabe takes a deep breath, takes a sword from the rack, and does extremely well with it. He slices up the dummy in such a quick and precise manner. Phoenix does very well with the blowgun and she seems quite happy with herself. And then I go. My heart is pounding as I reach for the bow. My hand is quivering as I notch the arrow in. I pull back, my arm shaking, and release. The arrow goes straight into the foot of Lina.

She screams.

Hudson Rylie - District 11Edit

Lina's bloodcurdling scream makes everyone silent immediately. Peacekeepers and medics run over to her and remove the now bloody arrow from her foot. They also take McKenna away. I guess they think it might have been on purpose. The Careers laughed when Lina and McKenna were out of the training center and everyone went back to training.

I've been training with Parker from my district, and Xavior from 8, even though we all decided to go alone during the actual Games. We're at the tree climbing station now.

"I can't do it," Xavior says, "I didn't do it in my original games either. My two friends could climb the palm trees and I couldn't," he complains. Parker flies up the tree with ease.

"I spent all of my time in a tree," Parker says quietly, "until I..." He trailed off, creating another awkward silence.

"Lunchtime!" screams a Peacekeeper. I guess they didn't feel like announcing it over the loudspeaker today. The three of us walk together towards the cafeteria with the rest of the tributes. I try to stay out of everyone's way, especially Arabella. She's creepy. I look back to see if I can find her, but end up running into someone. I turn back fearfully and see I ran into Twilight from 6.

"Watch out," she says.

"Sorry," I mutter. She smiles.

"It's fine," she says, "Wanna make a truce not to kill each other in the arena?" I hesitate. I run into this girl and she's already making deals with me? What? But I don't need any enemies in the arena.

"Sure," I reply.

Destrye Manglie - District 4Edit

Lunch was boring. Nothing really happened. The Careers decided this afternoon, well actually it was only me, Copper, and Dimitry who decided, that we would just watch the other tributes at the weapons station. Us sitting there seemed to draw a crowd, and a whole bunch of tributes came to show off their skills.

First up was two girls and a guy who kept coughing. They were mediocre at best, nothing special. Two guys from 5 came and were both pretty impressive, but there were only two of them, so they didn't pose too much of a threat. The three tributes from 7 were all above average, and I was surprised.

"Are the two big alliances coming?" Jackie asked, half complaining.

"I don't think so," says Pain, "and they're smart if they don't because we don't know who's the strongest." She's right. Shermaine is clever and confident. I'm really taking a liking to her. She's the most real of the Careers, and I hope our relationship can grow in the arena.

"That mute girl is pretty good," Dimitry whispers to me. I snap out of thinking about Shermaine and focus on the alliance in front of me. He's right. The mute girl from three has great accuracy. Her alliance members, not so much. They're pretty pitiful. None of the tributes really stood out to me, except for the alliance of the guy who hit Copper with a mace. The girl with fiery red hair and the mute boy were really good, as was Arabella, the bitch from 8. Otherwise, I feel good about my chances. I will win this time, and hopefully with Shermaine.

Kacey Anderson - District 9Edit

"Training is now over!" says a voice over the loudspeaker. The Careers begin to boo and the rest of the tributes walk to the elevator. Rhonda, Nile, and I go up together in the elevator. It reaches the sixth floor, and the door closes.

"Kacey, can I tell you something?" Nile asks me.

"Sure," I say, my heart fluttering. Nile is so cute and naive. I love that about him. I think I'm falling for him.

"Kacey, I really like you, and I want to know if you feel the same way," he blurts out. I feel a smile spread across my face.

"I do, Nile, I do!" I cry. He wraps me in his arms and we kiss and kiss and kiss. I hear the elevator door open. He takes his lips off of mine and looks me in the eyes.

"I gotta go," he says, "But I'll see you tomorrow after the private training and the interviews." I smile and wave goodbye. The door closes and I can't help but smile. And then I think about the coming days. We're going into the Hunger Games together. And there may only be one victor; they haven't told us yet. I just know one thing. We both have to win.